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Welcome to Math 2802!

This website is for Laura Eslava's sections N1-N3 of Math 2802. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate this site.

For links to Piazza and MyMathLab, see Canvas (N1-N3); the SIS ID is 201802/30257.

Laura Eslava
Lecture time
    TR 15:00-15:50
Lecture location
My office
Skiles 012, Clough 248 (to hold office hours)
My email
Office hours
Tuesdays,Thursdays 4-5pm
Recitation time
  • F 15:00-15:50
Recitation location
  • N1: Skiles 170
  • N2: Skiles 171
  • N3: Skiles 168
TAs and office hours
  • N1: Jun Tao Duan; Clough 280, Thursdays 4-6pm
  • N2: Yue Guan; Skiles 230, Thursdays 2-3pm
  • N3: Andrew Fu; Clough Math Lab, Tuesdays,Thursdays 2-4pm

Course Materials

Except for lecture slides, course materials will appear below. This includes solutions to midterms, study guides, and so on.


The syllabus contains official course policies.

Reference material